As part of the "Guardian Angel" program, the GLOBAL.AG Security & Communication also offers tactical training and education to private security specialists and civilian individuals. The training units resemble tactical training courses for civilians in the US and correspond to NATO standards. Training facilities are company-owned bases and barracks in different European countries.

Career support & after-career support: Each training is certified with institutionally recognized certificates. On request, our company provides trained specialists to international clients, and GLOBAL AG gladly employs the best students for analytical and/or operational activities.

The basic tactical defense courses are divided into three modules:

Basic training lone defender:

- Psychological preparation and responsibility against other civilians / No man is bad - people can have bad days.
- De-escalation and Psychology / Non-Violent Conflict solution
- Basic and advanced shooting training (moving target + CQB)
- Unarmed self-defense and emergency help
- Armed self-defense and emergency help
- Legal Principles and Judicial Practice / How do I behave correctly?
- Waffenkunde / Technical understanding / Finetuning and repair of firearms/production of individual parts
- Prevention of crises and behavior in national crises
- Driving safety training in civilian and military armored vehicles
- Legal issues

Basic training response team:

- Compilation of response teams and hierarchy formation

- team shooting/moving, communicating, covering, acting as a response team / UO (urban combat)

- Radiocommunications / NATO-Codespeech / Conspirative Communication

- Correctly arresting offenders and aggressors without harming them

- Pin down and dissolve aggressive groups/freeze situations until the arrival of official law enforcement authorities

- Close protection / personal protection in civilian and unstable surroundings/vanguard, evaluation, risk accounting

- Konvoi training in civilian and military armored vehicles

- Legal issues

Additional module: Rapid Deployment/Tactical skydiving (2 days, 6 jumps + equipment drop)

Course active prevention:

- Observing, tracking, telecommunication/ securing of evidence
- Identify illegal organizations / Assess people and roles correctly / Create rasters and modes Operandi
- National and international law enforcement cooperation / Which information is most interesting for which country and which authority to gain maximum and fastest legal results
- production and use of improvised technical aids for obtaining information
- Scenario formation / correct predicting of actions and reactions
- Detect and, if necessary, defuse industrial and improvised explosive devices
- Recognize suspicious behavior and correctly classify/identify new players on the field
- Conspiratorial way of life and protection of one's own identity/counter espionage
- Design and function of specialized vehicles / Conspirative armor / radio control / UAV (drones)
- Legal issues

"... I believe that every person, whether here in the USA or anywhere else in the world, has the right and the duty to avert dangers from himself and his fellow citizens ..." (Andy Hirsh, instructor)