Unlike Executive Protection, specialized for the needs of private persons and corporate clients, or Diplomatic Security, custom-tailored for the needs of public officials, High-Risk Close Protection, or simply just Close Protection fits the demands of both: PRIVATE SECTOR AND GOVERNMENT when having to work in- or travel trough uncontrolled hostile territory. The ability to reliably address even military-like threats or local OpFors subordinates a low profile appearance and constant contact with friendly armed forces in the area of operation is key. In order to provide sufficient ConOps in this specific field of security the use of military equipment like LAPVs, MRAPs or UAVs is indispensable. This is why in High-Risk Close Protection the lines between personal security and Private Military Contracting fade. Please place a personal INQUIRY for more information on this specific topic.

One of the most diverse fields of security is undoubtedly PRIVATE DEFENCE CONTRACTING. Starting with basic support and logistics for deployed official armed forces over estate guarding, border patrol, convoy protection, and more, the PMC department is specialized in protecting assets and territory. Trained and equipped no worse than a NATO SPECIAL OPERATIONS INFANTRY UNIT, this department is prepared to back up any transport, infrastructure, or other assets from hostile action. While looking back at successfully accomplished and ongoing long-term missions in Latin America, the Middle East, and eastern Ukraine – to name a few - we always prepare for future tasks and constantly evolve tactics, strategies, and tech. Please place a personal INQUIRY for more information on this specific topic.

diplomatic security
civilian security
secure a person / multiple persons
guard an estate
escort a convoy
transport assets
guard a ship
train and / or consult
gather information / observe / recon
long term (undisclosed date)