As SECURE as steel plating, as COMFORTABLE as a tailor-made suit. This is probably the best way to describe our services in this segment. In executive protection we learned over the years: To the VIP, comfort is just as important as actual security. Out of two personal protection operatives, VIPs are often more likely to choose the one with better manners and cleaner appearance rather than the one with better qualifications. They would often choose a stock car over an ARMORED VEHICLE if the ride quality and comfort are worse after armoring or the exact model desired is not available. We adapted to this issue over time offering to our executive protection customers THE BEST FROM BOTH WORLDS: Rock solid security solutions delivered in an exquisitely comfortable package. We have built a reliable network with the WORLDS LEADING SUPPLIERS of low profile armor such as Miguel Caballero ( manufacturing the world's most exclusive handmade ARMORED DESIGNER TAILOR and International Armored Group ( building the worlds best BALLISTIC & BLAST RESISTANT LUXURY CARS - to name just a few.
Working in different countries around the world, our Close Protection Units often consist of EU and US residents of local ethnic. Understanding the local mentality and SPEAKING LOCAL LANGUAGES on a mother tongue grade yet at the same time having been trained and examined on an elite special operation forces level to the HIGHEST STANDARDS OF NATO, those units, again combine the best of both.


Since reforming the company, to what it is today, back in 2011, the GLOBAL.AG Close Protection Units were invested some of the MOST EFFORT & ATTENTION TO DETAIL in.

Becoming, without doubt, the most elite department inside our company architecture, those extremely capable units of highly trained and well-equipped professionals combine all THE BEST STRATEGIES, EQUIPMENT & EXPERIENCE from all fields of security, combat, and anti-terror. Because in contrast to assets and infrastructure, THE HUMAN LIFE CAN NOT BE COVERED BY ANY INSURANCE on earth, we are proud to offer to our customers what is essentially THE SPEAR TIP of our operator pool for their personal protection needs.

Our CPUs are prepared for both:
EXECUTIVE PROTECTION missions inside peaceful urban areas as well as HIGH-RISK CLOSE PROTECTION operations across unstable regions and within hostile environments.

diplomatic security
civilian security
one male VIP
one female VIP
Family without children
Family with children
Not a family but more then one VIP
Child or teenager
long term (undisclosed date)
Personal assistant / Interpreter required