This intensive and challenging ten-day course is designed to prepare students for assignment as a Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM) in support of Protective Security Detail (PSD) Operations. DDM (.30-.35 cal bore system, 1.000yds) builds the base for the advanced DDM+ qualification (.35-.50 cal bore system, 2.000yds).

Civilians with no criminal record are eligible to enroll in this long-range marksman’s program.*

DDMs support protective security operations by gathering real-time intelligence information along routes, chokepoints, and at venue locations and provide over-watch protection of the PSD during walking formations and special events. DDMs assist in the preparation of security arrangements at venue locations; provide counter-surveillance and counter-sniper support, and prevent and deter attacks on the PSD by proactively identifying and interdicting potential threats through the delivery of long-range precision rifle fire and strict application of approved use of force policy.

This is an intensive and highly interactive course that uses various equipment, and “live-fire” training activities to replicate actual operational environments to facilitate an effective and realistic learning experience.

Upon completion of this course participants will understand the roles & responsibilities and duties of a DDM and be able to effectively demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively perform as a DDM in support of PSD operations.

Course Objectives:

Principles and Fundamentals of DDM Rifle Marksmanship

DDM Rifle Ballistics and Weather Compensation Calculations

Equipment Set-Up, Rifle Sight-In, & Data Book Use

DDM Shooting Techniques

Position Shooting & Unconventional Positions

Using Basic Ballistics & Data Gathering Up To 1.000 Yards

Range Estimation Techniques and Distance Determination with and without the use of Laser Range Finders

Observation and Intelligence Gathering Methods

Course Length: 10 Days

The systems used represent the two main setups commonly found in today's conflict areas: Soviet-era Mosin Nagan 7.62x54R precision rifle, representing OpFor weaponry, and the .308 Winchester Magnum M24 Sniper Weapon System used by the US armed forces and allied troops.

The qualification achieved here fits the criteria required for DDM by the EAGLE Association (European & American Guards & Law Enforcement Association) and is therefore approved and recognized.