Hightech architecture for a hightech society

Modern markets require sustainable real estate solutions, which live up to both common and individual demands while incorporating the latest technologies to stay up to date for decades to come.

´Do not invest in things that rusts, rots, or devaluates.´ (Burk Teichert, US agricultural mogul)

A technology developed to compete in conflict: MBMs are essentially mobile fortifications we developed while helping to freeze combat in eastern Ukraine back in 2014. Until this point, we were using shipping containers that were converted to fit various roles of traditional infrastructure. These were not sufficiently large enough for the logistic effort they
caused to move them and to set them up. At one point one of our engineers had a
genius idea: He expressed: "We have a maximum height of 3m to be transported
on public roads, and a maximum width of 2,5m. Containers are just too narrow, but
what if we just tilt them 90° after unloading to convert height to width? And maybe
we can make them more sturdy too." They quickly came up with 3D renders and
mathematic simulations confirming the thesis. Utilizing this newly born concept the
resulting building modules had a benefit of almost 20% in usable square footage
and were better insulated, too lacking the corrugated walls of standard containers.
We started building the new MBMs and constructing everything from underground
shelters to luxury cabinets for meetings and negotiations, improving the overall
look and feel with every unit assembled. By now MBMs of various modifications
survived scorching summers, unforgivingly cold winters, hurricane-like storms,
shelling, and riots. It truly is the one
concept to go with if you want to just build and forget.

From the user´s view, we have to clarify, that the final product neither optically, haptically, nor qualitatively differs from most recent concrete processing techniques. Premium steel constructions in accordance with the trademarked GLOBAL.AG MBM technology is more than twenty

times lighter than conventional building materials of comparable imposed load, mass, and building height and distinguishes itself further through uncompromising robustness and torsional stiffness. Sectional construction from inox-free steel is one of the highest-quality and most sophisticated building concepts of our time. Unlike conventional building materials, holistic welded steel constructs offer a nearly infinite
potential of ambitious and creatively customizable architecture. This is not only because of a significant reduction in construction time, but the possibilities to add or remove modules retrospectively and to even turn a building mobile, thus to change an object's location through fairly easy deconstruction, modular solutions are superior to traditional means.


The perfect ready-to-use solution

Metal constructions combine energy efficiency, long-term resource conservation as well as static

and burglary security. Other than classic procedures, the MBM consists of a sturdy frame of inox free steel, is clad with the same material, whereupon different layers of other building materials (insulation, individual facades, etc.) are being mounted on, which enables a later deconstruction for recirculation and reuse on the one hand and a maximal design variety according to customer demands on the other.

The carefully balanced thermal insulation creates an ideal climate within the own four walls, while reducing the energy consumption as well as the environmental burden from the excessive necessity of indoor temperature regulation.
The effective optimization of our production processes enables us to offer both more long-lasting and affordable housing solutions. All this paired with a significant reduction of time for completion of the overall project.
The fast assembly at the final construction site further allows minimization of construction site emissions like dust, waste, and noise which spares the environment even further. Due to the continued urbanization the demand for living quarters onward continuously increases.

The city of Berlin alone registers a yearly influx of 40.000 people who are all reliant on affordable living space (source: NDR). Over the last, it was observable that policies could do very little to soften the ensuing housing crisis

which is embossed by ever-rising prices per square meter (min. 2000 € per m²). For these and other reasons it has a lot to commend it that modular building, due to its rapid availability of housing space, combined with the flexibility of configuration and the possibility of relocating whole buildings has the potential to become THE solution to compensate for the spikes in the demand of an ever more volatile society:

                                                         Sustainability through longevity

Environmentally friendly recirculation through modular sheeting instead of component connection GLOBAL.AG Heavy Industries has made it its declared objective to establish new standards in the matter of security, longevity, and value stability. All this by the exclusive usage of materials like stainless premium steel and transparent,

shatterproof high-tech plastics. GLOBAL.AG MBMs offer no working surface to usual symptoms of decay like corrosion, mild or brittle fragility. This simplifies the maintenance of equivalent buildings and alleviates the formulation of stable fire protection concepts immensely. The value conservation especially manifests itself by the circumstance, that a possible eventually desired dismantlement of suchlike constructed objects will not mainly consist of
rubble disposal but the alienation of premium steel and the recycling of mentioned synthetics. Crystal clear security synthetic materials, which guarantee enormous protection against burglary, are 100% recyclable and can be re-introduced into the recovered substance cycle. This even after decades without any difficulty.
In our modern world awareness of the environment has become a key concern incorporating culture, which in consequence demands a rethinking on every level, especially within industrial production processes.
Common-used building materials like glass or concrete are neither energy-efficient in production nor environmentally friendly in their disposal, as they are barely recyclable as the possibilities are either not technically present everywhere (even in industrialized nations) or are disregarded for economical reasons. The cement used in concrete for example accounts for about eight percent of the global CO2 emissions (source: ZDF). The actual intrinsic value of herewith constructed objects reflects this fact frequently very precisely. With the here pictured MBM technology we establish to this day unrivaled product within central European markets and, through offshore production, adapt just those cost optimization for the construction sector, which other industries (e.g. automotive and electronics) already
have been used for a long time to maximize their profits.

MBM 20 Specs:

Ballistic protection level:                 STANAG 4569 LVL 3, 4, higher possible

Weight:                                           3.2T (unarmored with basic interior - drywalls, insulation, windows, floors)

L x W x H:                                       600cm x 300cm x 250cm
Materials:                                        Inox free steel, polycarbonate (GEOX.600 HSS + triplex bullet resistant glass possible)

Square footage:                               ~17 m² effectively usable @ 18m² footprint
Capacity:                                         45m³, 40 metric tonnes of weight over full top surface (10T buffer until 50T max); max. 12 stories can safely be errected

Unit cost start at:                             1 900 - USD / m² VAT & shipment excl.

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