"...If I was to name one combat vehicle to attest the highest possible capabilities for
the lowest possible cost, it would most definitely be a C.A.T..." Alexander Jag (2IC Ukraine Unit)

Almost 10 years in active duty, 4 deployments, 3 armed struggles while in a C.A.T.

Inspired by the Mercedes Wolf SSA and LAPV 6.X concept, the STANAG 4569 level 2 ballistic protected GLOBAL.AG "C.A.T." shares some of the Wolf's proven technological solutions and combines them with simplicity, ease of maintenance and extreme durability. By adding simple and nearly undestroyable features such as a light, rugged 5-gear manual transmission with AWD and low gear mode, as little electrics as possible and a light yet extremely tough sandwich armor, this coloss starts at only 4 tonnes and clocks with just over 10 seconds 0-60mph with the naturally aspirated Russian 4 cylinder, 3L gasoline engine, offering a payload capability of 1 Ton. (Automatic transmission and 450BHP diesel V8 available)

Our goal was to develop a light and quick armored patrol vehicle, that could be driven by any average driver with just a little of practice.

Top of the line model:

However, the vehicle can be upgraded to level 3 ballistic protection and equipped with automatic gearboxes and stronger 6.7L diesel engines. We also developed a 6x6 version of the C.A.T. pushing the limits of this vehicle to a maximum payload of 2.5 tonnes and the possibility to add cargo or area effect, anti-tank or air defense weaponry such as TOW systems or 30mm machine cannons for example. This very special vehicle basically is an armored pick up with a three-axle layout and a multi-purpose, reinforced bed. It is available with options such as counter NBC equipment, laser detection systems, thermal vision, directional microphones, missle defence systems and others.

The 4x4 C.A.T.s chart:

Ballistic protection level:                 STANAG 4569 LVL 2/3

Weight:                                           3.5T / 4.5T

L x W x H:                                       420cm x 200cm x 230cm

Seats:                                              4 + 3

Engine:                                           3L Gasoline/LPE 150 BHP

0-60mph:                                        10 seconds(0-40mph  - 6 seconds)

Fuel tank cap:                                 2 x 40L+ 40L LPE

Fuel consumption:                          18L on 100km (440 Km reach)

Wheels:                                           37" Runflats on 18" Steelrim with beadlock

Transmission formula:                     2x4 + 4x4 Mechanical switch
Unit cost starts at:                           100.000,- USD VAT excl.

The C.A.T. comes in two versions: Combat ready for security tasking and executive for civilian upscale transportation. (Options available)

The 6x6 C.A.T.s chart:

Ballistic protection level:                 STANAG 4569 LVL 3

Weight:                                           6T

L x W x H:                                       650cm x 220cm x 245cm

Seats:                                             4 + 3 (6 in the convertable truck bed)

Engine:                                           6.7L Diesel 450 BHP

0-60mph:                                        14 seconds(0-40mph  - 8 seconds)

Fuel tank cap:                                  2 x 80L

Fuel consumption:                           20L on 100km (800 Km reach)

Wheels:                                           37" Runflats on 18" Steelrim with beadlock

Transmission formula:                     4x6 + 6x6 Mechanical switch

Unit cost start at:                             150.000,- USD VAT excl.