by the United Nations
by one or more members of the UNSC (UN Security Council)
by one or more members of the United Nations
infringe the Geneva Convention or accociated international combat legislation
infringe human rights as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
obstruct democratic transformation or existing democratic order
unseat a democratically elected legitimate government
support individuals or organisations engaged in or suspected of organised crime or terrorist activity

Created to aid allied forces through unforeseen challenges, the C.A.T. - LB is designed to be the smaller and cheaper brother of the 5T Counter Ambush Transporter in our family of protected command- and control vehicles. Protected against almost every caliber in the portable small arms class, being quick, maximum versatile, and an agile off-roader, this vehicle is the perfect solution for asymmetric operations or symmetric combat support. It consists of a multiplatform LAPV-sized monolithic armored hull from GEOX.600 high strength steel and can be driven by operatives with category B drivers licenses through its lightweight. It's combat effectiveness, although, is in no way affected by its weight and is at eye-level with heavier and bigger vehicles of the LAPV-category. This special 2+3 seats troop transporter is part of our 'Assistance to Allied Armed Forces in Transition' (A3FT) program and can be purchased under non-profit conditions by forces, units, and/or governments on the A3FT - list below:

Countries / Organisations on the list below are entitled to participate

in the 'Assistance to Allied Armed Forces in Transition' (A3FT) program

To apply for a quotation please fill out the application form on the bottom
of this page. Please take note that whether or not an individual organization
can be supplied on non-profit terms is subject to individual review, even if
the organization is from a supported territory. On rare occasions, additional
requirements can be put in place to ensure a best possible outcome for all

- Burkina Faso (All government forces)
- Ukraine (All government and civil defense forces)
- Iraq (SWAT / Anti Terror Police units only)
- Moldova (All government forces)
- Kosovo (All government forces)
- Mauritius (Customs authority only)
- Georgia (All government forces)
- South Sudan (SWAT / Anti Terror Police units only)

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