investing in individual projects within the GLOBAL.AG portfolio (targeted ROI, 12-24 Months)
investing in the long term general fond 'GLOBAL.AG BLUE' (diverse projects inluding R&D / regular, stady interest rates)
projects, goods & services in the civilian and/or humanitarian realm
projects, goods & services in the defensive and/or security industry
both (can be changed later, after portfolio review, if desired)
the GLOBAL.AG Rules of Engagement (corporate compliance policy)
the GLOBAL.AG CCA (Counter Corruption Act)


GLOBAL is not only a sector-oriented security service provider but an international provider of
COMPLETE SOLUTIONS and TECHNOLOGIES covering all aspects of civilian & government defense and HUMANITARIAN AID. To support local security forces, HIGHLY FLEXIBLE TEAMS of experienced specialists in administrative and operational duty can be mobilized spontaneously and supplied with specific equipment from our OWN IN HOUSE PRODUCTION (vehicles, electronics, mobile fortified bases & more). Due to self-supply, long waiting- and preparation periods are eliminated as well as the dependency on possibly necessary but hardly available special equipment. For the EXACT ASSESSMENT OF GIVEN SITUATIONS, our intelligence analysts gain relevant information in advance and evaluate it responsibly. If needed, our crisis managers advise and provide strategies and solutions, make contact with other conflict parties, if possible, and seek to

Development teams aid to build and/or modernise public infrastructure and political systems to help
GAIN RECOGNITION AND/OR END EMBARGOS in foreseeable future. GLOBAL.AG sees its task in securing, stabilizing, and calming conflict situations and guaranteeing a safe tomorrow for vulnerable regions.

                                “Because the highest level of combat is not to combat."
                                                                                                                                                          (Batuo, 495 AD)

GLOBAL.AG grows & expands at dynamic speeds

GLOBAL.AG creates sustainable business conditions

GLOBAL.AG is globally well connected

We are among the leading developers in several industries

We set trends and
boost progress across branches

GLOBAL.AG is a solid & prestigeous investment

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Resulted from the FUSION OF TWO POWERFUL PRIVATE SECURITY GROUPS, namely The.Elite.Ltd and CATURIX Security & Communication in 2011, GLOBAL.AG Security&Communication was born.

Following the trend of many western companies in the early 2010s, reshaping the venture's internal architecture resulted in a much straighter and SHORTER HIERARCHY seriously boosting productivity and decision making. Keeping this newly gained FLEXIBILITY and adaptability to new tasks quickly is key to our SUCCESS STORY. Being approved by powerful international institutions such as EAGLE Association

(European & American Guards & Law Enforcement Association) reflects the quality standard we aim to achieve with every task we take on. GLOBAL.AG today is operating in FIVE COUNTRIES on THREE CONTINENTS, is an official service provider to NATO and the United States Department of Defense, and close ally to many western security forces. 


Since the evening of the 23rd of February, less than 6 hours before the RUSSIAN INCURSION into Ukraine, we have withdrawn all resources from other theaters (Israel, Latin America, and Iraq), and now continuously concentrate on DAMAGE CONTROL & 360° AID to the Ukrainian nation. Our office and peripheral facilities in Ukraine are closed for the moment, all administrative STAFF RELOCATED to NATO territories, and operative staff, willing to engage, are put under the command of the Ukrainian armed forces. Incorporating many NON-PROFIT ACTIVITIES for the sake of a positive outcome, we took on tasks such as STRATEGIC CONSULTING to the armed forces, evacuation of civilians from contested territories where they could not leave on them own due to HIGH-INTENSITY COMBAT in the zone, we also DIRECTED PERSONNEL & MATERIAL for the support of our allies and simultaneously helped REFUGEES in Germany and Poland to find shelter, register and settle. Our research & development department is on pause hence PROTOTYPES, being produced and tested in facilities inside Ukraine before the war, are for the moment not possible to be produced at comparable speed and costs. GLOBAL.AG for the moment focuses on MOVING PRODUCTION of already developed know-how to territories unaffected by the hostilities inside Ukraine. Our emphasis on cooperating with SOLUTING PARTNERS gives us the necessary flexibility in times of crisis like the current. To COMPENSATE FOR THE LACK of our own mass-produced equipment, we are currently also engaged in the trade of defensive goods towards the Ukrainian defenders.

Our commitment to the cause stays ROCK SOLID, therefore Ukraine will stay our main objective



GLOBAL.AG will mainly stay focused on EASTERN EUROPE. Due to a stark shift in global paradigms, the significance of WESTERN ATTENTION to the proposed Intermarium territories for a safe and prosperous future for these nations, can not be overestimated. We will HELP THE EFFORT on the most eastern European frontier in Ukraine until a result suitable for all parties was achieved. After a SUSTAINABLE PEACE was achieved, over our Heavy-Industries-Department we will participate in the RECONSTRUCTION of damaged infrastructure, modernizing cities through concepts like the GLOBAL.AG MBM line of modular, permanent buildings, and others. As in our corporate strategic paper 'Cornerstones 2020' described, GLOBAL.AG will pursue combined technological & STRATEGIC ADVANCES in the most important conventional defense fields, f.e. drone and counter-drone technologies. But also in civil strategic fields like RESOURCES OPTIMIZATION and waste management, and COMBINED LOGISTICS - INFRASTRUCTURAL projects. Until now, global events prognosed by us and others, are on schedule, while GLOBAL.AG, is positioned AS PLANNED in the periphery of the surrounding events.

For additional information, please review the current capability statement of GLOBAL.AG Security&Communication.