Dear citizen of the free world: NO ONE CAN STAY NEUTRAL in regards to what happens on the eastern borders of the European continent. We predicted what we now saw in Butcha and Borodyanka weeks before the war, when it became clear that the russian supreme leader has put himself past any point of no return through stark miscalculations - and had no other choice but to order the invasion to not lose authority before everyone watching: THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER WAR. This is a planned and executed genocide of a liberal-conservative free European people in his neighboring country. Kharkiv and Mariupol among many smaller places are whipped off the face of the earth by applying WEHRMACHT-TACTICS surrounding and starving places to death while constantly bombarding whole cities into deserts from a safe distance. Doing so to TERRORISE and if possible ANNIHILATE the pinned down civilian population to be able to later roll in without resistance and unrest. It is now proven that russian troops forced to retreat from the outskirts of Kyiv were explicitly ordered to leave behind scorching earth and no one alive. They went as far as planting BOOBY TRAPS UNDER POTATO- AND GRAIN SACS, mines wherever they could, and IEDs with trap wires inside houses. So the PEOPLE LEFT OR RETURNING will be murdered and maltreated trying to get food or reinhabit the few houses left. RAPE became the weapon of choice for the war criminals leaving behind impregnated underaged girls whose fathers and brothers have been shot before their eyes and thrown into mass graves in the backyards of residential areas. Some of those raped were burned to cover the traces of war crimes but the atrocities were so many in numbers that the MOBILE CREMATORIUMS they brought could not handle the AMOUNTS OF THOSE KILLED. We don't know yet what happened and CONTINUES TO HAPPEN in the areas still under russian control, but with a probability close to fact, those places have been turned into similar CONCENTRATION CAMPS or worse. As of the 50th day of the attempted GENOCIDE more than 850 000 have been forcefully deported to the russian mainland, under whom over 250 000 CHILDREN. Reportedly at least some of those deported are victims of TORTURE, political incarceration, and forced labor.
THIS, BEYOND ANY DOUBT, IS A FASCIST REGIME and the equivalent of the NAZIs in the 21st century.

Now you might have a few questions in your head, so let us answer the most frequent ones:

Why would russian soldiers commit such atrocities?
Soldiers are humans. Any physical combat on the battlefield shapes your psyche. All of sudden you have to kill or be killed. If you face heavy resistance as they faced in Ukraine and witness comrades, mates, and friends die in front of you, you just become numb to violence of any scale and develop hatred against everyone not on your side. You develop a deep depression if you can not achieve the goals commanded, even more so if you went in thinking that this would be an easy task given the sheer difference in numbers and your national pride. Soldiers and commanders pushed to the corner from all sides are keen to take the civilian population hostage and release all frustration, hate, and rage upon those they can do so to. Because Ukrainian servicemen are heavily armed and very skilled they can not get hold on those so they project everything onto just anyone readily available from the other side. Which is civilians in the gained areas you control. Thrown into hell, humans become demons. Plus they were fed bad intelligence so they were absolutely shocked by the scale of general resistance they faced. Very quickly every civilian was regarded as hostile so to save themselves they basically started purging everyone else. Documents like a passage in a russian handbook explaining how to dig mass graves found after retaking those areas, however, suggest that genocide and war crimes were commanded by russian supreme command at some point.

President of the Republic of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi breaks in tears while visiting the sites of genocide near Kyiv

Why would the russian army level cities into rubble?
Urban combat is one of the hardest tasks in all of warfare, right next to high-intensity amphibious operations and deep field sabotage. During the second world war, the nazis needed 500 000 soldiers to besiege and take Kyiv (a gigantic city of more than 3 million. Having more than 500 000 troops at their disposal they still failed to do so.(.) russia had less than 150 000 soldiers available, so facing this unexpected level of resistance they very quickly got rid of the idea to take Kyiv. Other, smaller cities like Kharkiv, and Mariupol, among others, were less lucky - the russians made use of inhumane and prohibited tactics developed by the SS during WW2 of encirclement, terror bombing and starvation of cities. Bombing all system relevant infrastructure first, like hospitals, food and fuel storage, power plants, and freshwater reservoirs they are generating an artificial humanitarian crisis within the places encircled to set a timer for capitulation or death through famine and cold of the local population. So the relatively small number of troops they have available would be enough to take key cities. These tactics are condemned and prohibited because they not only bring suffering to all civilians in the area but also because they kill the weakest first: Children, women, the elderly, the sick. A healthy grown-up male, as soldiers are, can resist famine and cold longer than toddlers and elderly people.
So from a russian perspective, it makes perfect sense to bomb everything to rubble and starve everyone to death because it means significantly fewer losses for their own troops.

First of all, if you are a citizen of the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, or the UK, you can WRITE YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT representative (congressman f.e.) a letter demanding to arm Ukraine with the types of arms Ukraine listed ASAP. This is not just the struggle of the Ukrainians, this is a fight for the future of all of us, after all...

On top you can take things into your own hand and become active: DONATE FUNDS! We finance various projects, frequently shifting and updating the application purpose of the gear and tech we provide the Ukrainians. This highly flexible approach is key in responding to shifting battlefield realities: For example, liberating the besieged capital of Kyiv as a main goal, consists of a lot of urban, guerilla-style hit and run tactics. Countering a raid on east Ukraine consists of heavy armor maneuver warfare in open fields, almost exclusively. So we shift from producing loads of body armor from our GEOX.600 high strength steel to buying loads of diesel 4x4s in the EU, converting them to fast, small armored tank busters and troop transporters, and bring those over the border. Additionally, we provide everything from IFAKs, over MREs to Red Dots, thermal scopes and many many more equipment to our and allied boots on the ground. BECOME A HERO AND BE PART OF THE VICTORY! Part of the great legacy this victory will bring!

You can donate via PayPal, Bitcoin, Etherium or Moneygram.

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Are there Nazis in Ukraine?
Of course there are...but not more than in russia itself, Germany, or other societies. Although there of course were some far-right elements in Ukraine, they have not been any major power in any logical sense. The country is led by a liberal-conservative central government in Kyiv under a Jewish president in a world-open society. Ukraine's parliament has a good portion of Muslim, African, Jewish and even pro-russian representatives, which all are well respected and have an equal say in any matter on the table. The pro-russian representatives, like OPZZh, however, have distanced themselves from the current putinist regime and are fighting side by side with Ukrainan servicemen and politicians. The AZOV battalion with all of its sub-groups, often held up as an example, is a very small group of people, ranging to about 4 000 members and around 1000 supporters (~0.1% of the population), the absolute majority of whom does not pursue any national socialist ideologies nor goals. The denazification argument is made up of wishful thinking by the russian supreme leader and does not survive any research into the topic.

(.) putin, on the other hand, is an openly self-proclaimed ethno-nationalist, his views and political goals do distinguish between people of different ethnic and origins. He frequently talks about a 1000 years old moscovian statehood, a panslavic race that needs to be united under a great russian empire and referred to the demise of the socialist union as 'the greatest catastrophe after the second world war'. If anything, this political course is clearly national-socialist by definition. Furthermore, let us introduce to you dimitri utkin: He is one of putins closest allies and friends as he is the founder and commander of the far right russian mercenary company 'wagner group' (named after the SS gauleiter adolf wagner in nazi Germany). This gentleman has the SS symbol and victory runes tattooed on to his neck, was the leader of a national socialist movement in russia and is pictured frequently in a black-red-white tshirt with a svastica (resembling the reichsflagge), holding his hand up to a heil-hitler posture. In the picture attached he can be seen next to putin at a security summit a few years ago. If anything, the russian leadership are Nazis who fail to recon this simple fact.